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Reindeer food

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Reindeer food

 A great tradition that our family does every year! It keeps the magical spirit going!

what's included:

a wood sign 7.25 inches by 4.5 inches with an engraved saying, a plastic test tube filled with oats, glitter, and coloured sprinkles and a green velvet ribbon for hanging.

Sprinkle the special mixture outside!

a great option to also reuse yearly, just re add your own reindeer food

recommended for school aged kids, THIS IS NOT EDIBLE! adult supervision is required!



Our paint chart was curated directly from our paint manufactures website. Please note that there can be variations of the true colour based on screen settings. If you are at all concerned, please put in the notes you’d like to see a paint stick photo of your chosen option prior to painting. 

Our stain chart was made of staining our pine framing lumber to give you a visual, please note that wood is a natural product, though we do our best to have all our pieces stain the same there will be variations on all frames. 

We use the same brand to stain our wood rounds, however this wood is different from our framing lumber, therefore it stains differently, we also offer a larger selection for the stained rounds than we do the frames. 

  • EARLY AMERICAN - The lightest brown stain we offer, this stain can pull a reddish, orange undertone.
  • PROVINCIAL - This is our medium brown stain, slightly darker then EA and pulls a warmer brown tone.
  • DARK WALNUT- A true dark brown, pulls warm tones.
  • EBONY- Black tone; not a solid black.
  • CLASSIC GREY- Transparent grey which shows grain.


Though we do our best to have all sizing exact, all sizes can vary up to a half inch +/-.


We do not offer any returns on any orders. Please be sure to type names and punctuation correctly when placing your order, I will make your sign exactly as it is written.