December Pine | About


I am extremely stubborn, independent, and I put the pro in procrastination. Now that we have my worst and best qualities out of the way, a quick run down of me. I’m a mom to two boys who love sports, I’m a wife to my best friend, He’s my biggest supporter, we’ve been married 9 years! My family made Northern Ontario home 5 years ago! Our community is the best, truly, the people are friendly, the everyday views are beautiful, and when it's winter, it's winter IYKYK.

I was briefly a nurse, but on mat leave with my second son I started creating more, sharing more, and never went back. December Pine was created early 2019, my vision if asked then was only to create, and make a little bit of extra money, but truly just a small outlet for me while I stay home with my kids. Lets jump forward to 2022, this business is now a full time job, and being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart, it can be challenging. It takes commitment, and drive, but it is also so giving… giving of flexibility, and giving of time with my family. Aside from giving me the most important thing, December Pine has turned customers into friends, conversations into connections, and opened up opportunities I wouldn’t have otherwise had, that’s the magic December Pine has gifted me.

I'm a HUGE interior design lover, the kind that as a kid I'd look at magazines with house plan layouts and envision furniture and decor in that space. My independent and stubborn qualities pave the way for my DIY attitude, I love taking on new projects and making my visions reality. It hits different when you do it yourself!

I am more than a sign maker, I help create a story, purpose through decor in your homes. Signs tell a story, add character, a bit of you and your personality to your houses, making them homes. Seeing my work displayed on your walls and shelves reminds me why I do this.